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Hugo Chávez nekrokrati

Venezuelas maktfullkomlige president Hugo Chávez blir allt galnare. I Washington Post har exilvenezuelanen Thor Halvorssen en artikel där han berättar om hur Chávez i en makaber manifestation låtit gräva upp kvarlevorna efter Simon Bolívar, befrielsehjälten från 1800-talets början i kampen mot Spanien, och en ständig referenspunkt för Chávez, som kallar både sin revolution och republik ”bolivariansk”. Halvorssen (som själv är ättling till Bolívar):

”Shortly after midnight on July 16, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez reached back in time. He presided at the exhumation of the remains of Simón Bolívar — Latin America’s greatest independence hero, who helped liberate the region from Spain in the 19th century, and the object of Chávez’s personal and political obsession.

The skeleton was pulled apart. Pieces were removed, such as teeth and bone fragments, for ”testing.” The rest was put in a new coffin with the Chávez government’s seal. Chávez, who also tweeted the proceedings, gave a rambling speech in which he asked Christ to repeat his Lazarus miracle and raise the dead once more. He also apparently conversed with Bolívar’s bones.

”I had some doubts,” Chávez told his nation, paraphrasing the poet Pablo Neruda, ”but after seeing his remains, my heart said, ‘Yes, it is me.’ Father, is that you, or who are you? The answer: ‘It is me, but I awaken every hundred years when the people awaken.’ ”

By presidential decree, every television station in Venezuela showed images of Bolívar in historic paintings, then images of the skeleton, and then images of Chávez, with the national anthem blaring. The message of this macabre parody was unmistakable: Chávez is not a follower of Bolívar — Chávez is Bolívar, reincarnated. And anyone who opposes or criticizes him is a traitor not just to Chávez but to history.”

Christopher Hitchens skriver i Slate om Halvorssens artikel och om hur han själv tillsammans med bl.a. skådespelaren Sean Penn träffade Chávez, som i en konversation dem emellan ifrågasatte om al-Qaida existerar och att det som skrivs om Osama bin Laden i väst är från ”imperialistisk media”:

”Not since North Korean media declared Kim Jong-il to be the reincarnation of Kim Il Sung has there been such a blatant attempt to create a necrocracy, or perhaps mausolocracy, in which a living claimant assumes the fleshly mantle of the departed.”

Chávez tillsammans med kompisarna Robert Mugabe och Alexandr Lukasjenko.