Trumps förräderianklagelser

Donald Trump har angripit såväl visselblåsaren i Ukrainaaffären som en Demokratisk kongressledamot och falskeligen anklagat dem för att vara förrädare. Det är oerhört allvarligt.

Conor Friedersdorf har en artikel i The Atlantic om anklagelsen mot kongressledamoten.

”The Framers wrote the Constitution as they did in part to guard against the possibility that Americans would elect a man so morally bankrupt and corrupt that he would falsely accuse political enemies of treason[…]

Afterward, Trump faced no consequences. Little wonder that he has now violated his oath of office again in the same manner. If he is not stopped, he will continue to violate the Constitution rather than defend it, and to levy false charges against Americans, flagrantly abusing the nation’s most powerful office.

His behavior is a form of civic poison. Trump degrades the Oval Office and sets a bad example for children. The Republicans working to keep him in power could have Vice President Mike Pence take over within weeks if they so chose. They prefer this moral abomination.”

Shikha Dalmia har en artikel i Reason om anklagelsen mot visselblåsaren.

”The president’s threats might prevent future whistleblowers from coming forward to expose executive abuse.”


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