Trumps horribla dekret

President Donald Trumps senaste dekret (executive order) om tillträde till USA är ett horribelt hafsverk. Förutom att jag ogillar kollektiva bestraffningar, har dekretet utformats och drivits igenom på ett inkompetent sätt med rättsligt kaos som följd. Benjamin Wittes på Brookings Institution skrev ingående om det i lördags.

”NBC is reporting that the document was not reviewed by DHS, the Justice Department, the State Department, or the Department of Defense, and that National Security Council lawyers were prevented from evaluating it. Moreover, the New York Times writes that Customs and Border Protection and U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services, the agencies tasked with carrying out the policy, were only given a briefing call while Trump was actually signing the order itself. Yesterday, the Department of Justice gave a ”no comment” when asked whether the Office of Legal Counsel had reviewed Trump’s executive orders—including the order at hand. (OLC normally reviews every executive order.)

This order reads to me, frankly, as though it was not reviewed by competent counsel at all.”(…)

”[I]t is most emphatically not good news to have a White House that just makes decisions with no serious thought or interagency input into what those decisions might mean. In fact, it’s really dangerous.”

Timothy Sandefur är en libertariansk expert på amerikansk författningsrätt. Han skrev ett blogginlägg där han också länkade till bl.a. Wittes artikel.

”Of course admitting people from foreign lands is something with a non-zero risk. Of course it’s possible that some will enter pretending to be refugees who are in fact enemy agents. The solution to that is to defeat the enemy—not to condemn to death or slavery the vast majority of refugees who are fleeing in search of safety. To do the latter is a disgrace to everything that makes this country what it is supposed to be: a refuge and a heaven.(…)

”To emphasize: I think the Executive Order is constitutional. I think it’s stupid and immoral in every other way.

That said, it might still be illegal. Congress is the lawmaker, and Cato’s David Bier argues that the Order violates the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.”(…)

”Actual leadership, of course—leadership of the George Washington, Dwight Eisenhower variety—is about fostering others and articulating an ideal that merits support. It’s not showy; it’s patient, thoughtful, often boring, and rarely self-aggrandizing. Trump’s not intelligent enough to muster a clever plan to lure lefties into self-defeating acts. He’s just a blowhard, and a blowhard’s gonna blow hard.

Many object that the protestors were silent when Pres. Obama blocked Syrian refugees. Maybe so—although my memory is that people were outraged by that, and said so at the time. I certainly was and did.”

Samtidigt var det Obamaadministrationen gjorde inte detsamma som Trump nu gör. Jon Finer skriver i Foreign Policy om väsentliga skillnader.

En positiv sak, förutom att så många protesterat i USA och världen över, är att även inom det Republikanska partiet har röster höjts mot dekretet. 41 kongressledamöter, bland dem den tidigare presidentkandidaten senator John McCain, har kritiserat det.


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