Atlas Shrugged och kärlek

Robert Tracinski skrev nyligen en lysande artikel, All An Ayn Rand Hero Really Wants Is Love, som förklarar på djupet vad Ayn Rands roman Atlas Shrugged (Och världen skälvde) handlar om.

”So sure, Ayn Rand glorified plutocrats and looked down on poor people—if you’re reading a completely different book.”[…]

”Much of the plot of Atlas Shrugged can be understood as interlocking story arcs about love and friendship.”[…]

”So if you look at Atlas just as a political parable or an economic manifesto, then complain that it’s two-dimensional, that’s because there’s a whole other level of the plot that you’re missing.”[…]

”So the answer to the paradox is that Ayn Rand doesn’t care about money so much as she cares about the things that give money value: creation, production, and the qualities of character that make it possible to create and produce.

It’s amusing that a lot of same people who talk about Ayn Rand looking down on the poor or wanting to crush the weak also complain that her writing lacks subtlety. Yet themes like this are right out there in the open, and they blithely skip over them. Apparently, it’s a little too subtle for them.”[…]

”Love is about shared values, including the value of loving the truth, loving this world, and wanting to build and create. So are Ayn Rand heroes out to make money? Yes, eventually—after they have achieved the virtues that make money possible.”


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