Den europeiska övervakningsstaten

För ett år sedan skrev jag ett blogginlägg om hur EU smygande bygger upp en säkerhetsbyråkrati, med hänvisning till Hax:s genomgång samt Bruno Waterfield, Daily Telegraphs Brysselkorrespondent. Waterfield:

”Forget the eurocrat. It is the securocrat, a hybrid national-European Union breed of official, you should be really worried about.”

Nu kan man via Hax läsa om en rapport från den brittiska tankesmedjan Open Europe om hur det nya Lissabonfördraget kommer att påskynda utvecklandet av övervakningsstaten och säkerhetsbyråkratin.

The Daily Telegraph skriver:

”Open Europe, which opposes greater European integration, said that the ratification of the controversial treaty will see powers over home affairs and justice policy “almost totally shifted to the EU level”.

That will allow the creation of new EU-wide systems to monitor citizens’ private lives and movements, the think-tank said.”(…)

”Stephen Booth, the Open Europe analyst who wrote the report, said: “We are fast approaching a situation where the EU will have the full coercive machinery of a state but without the proper democratic controls or robust checks on power that citizens should expect.”

“How can citizens expect their fundamental rights to liberty and independence from the state to be protected by unaccountable institutions which have a vested interest in creating more laws?””

Men naturligtvis har inte vår regering sådana farhågor. Den har ju aktivt bidragit till denna utveckling.


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