Ny bok om Ayn Rand

Timothy Sandefur recenserar en ny bok som ska komma ut i oktober: Ayn Rand And The World She Made av Anne C. Heller.

”Ayn Rand is a writer of enormous spiritual and intellectual power. Her perception, her willingness to call things as she sees them, and her absolutely sincere devotion to each individuals’ greatest potential are so overwhelmingly attractive, and, I believe, so well founded, that they draw hundreds of thousands of new readers every year.”[…]

”What Anne Heller recognizes, that few others have, is that Rand was a nineteenth century romantic novelist living in a twentieth century, post-war world; a world fixated on existentialism, abstract expressionism, anti-heroes, atonal music, psychoanalysis, relativism, pragmatism, protest and dogma. Rand provided compelling explanations for all of these phenomena, which stood opposite the world she spoke for and that originated the language in which she spoke.”[…]

”Anne Heller’s biography doesn’t pull punches. She is as honest and as objective and as forthright as Rand’s own principles would demand. She pays Rand the compliment of treating her like a serious person who deserves respect, praise, criticism and blame.”

Jag länkade nyligen till Stephen Hicks bloggpost om Rands ökande inflytande. Här är länken igen.


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