Chryslerpengar till Obamas anhängare

Somhämtat från Ayn Rands Och världen skälvde.

David Frum skriver i kanadensiska National Post:

”Something bad and dangerous is happening in Barack Obama’s America. The powers that the Obama administration claimed in order to arrest the financial crisis and mitigate the recession are being used and abused in ways that are underming the legal and financial stability of the United States. Investors: You are warned.

The first warning was the attempt to snatch Chrysler’s assets away from their rightful owners to pay off administration friends and supporters. The Obama plan to save Chrysler would have sold Chrysler’s most valuable assets into a new company co-owned by the U. S. and Canadian governments, Fiat and the United Auto Workers (UAW) — with the UAW getting the biggest piece, 55%.

The trouble was: those assets belonged to somebody else. They belonged to the company’s bondholders, who had a legal first claim. Under the administration’s plan, those senior-secured creditors would have received just 29¢ on the dollar.”

UAW har varit stora finansiärer av demokratiska politiker och bland dem Obama själv. Som om det inte vore nog angrips de rättmätiga ägarna till tillgångarna som ”giriga gamar” och hotas av administrationen. Declan McCullagh skriver även han om det på CBS News.


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